Campfire & barbecue

The crackling of wood…cosiness & safety…for everyone!

You may light a fire on your camping pitch, on the common fire pit or on the café terrace. We have some rules so that it remains pleasant and safe for everyone.

On your pitch

  • in July and August on Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 7pm-11pm
  • the other months every day from 6 pm to 11 pm

De bronafbeelding bekijken

At the central campfire spot, it is possible every evening from 7pm to 11pm in July and August, from 6pm during the other months.

Marshmallows can be bought from us 😉

At the café terrace, we regularly light our fire bowl. No fire lit yet? You can light it yourself! A good glass, by a cosy fire, welcome to join us….

When never

  • When it is too dry and hot.
  • If it is damp or very windy, we ask not to light a fire near the tent. It causes too much inconvenience. You are then welcome by the fire bowl on the terrace or you can light a fire in the communal fire pit.

If no fires are allowed on the pitch, you will see this warning posted at reception.







ATTENTION! Stoking is done:

  • In a fire bowl or fire basket
  • Bring your own bowl or basket. We only have a few to borrow.
  • The fire must not touch the grass, so never light it on the ground itself.
  • Put stones under the basket to catch the ashes so that they do not fall onto the grass.
  • Only burn dry wood, which you bring yourself! There’s no wood for sale at the campsite. Do not throw anything else on the fire.
  • Provide a bucket of water for any minor intervention
  • Deposit the ashes ONLY THE NEXT day, when they are cold, on the central fire pit. Do not leave anything on the camping spot, including wood and wipe out all traces of firing. The guests after you will thank you 🙂 .


Barbecue is allowed on all days until 9 pm, except when no fires are allowed. So please also check with reception if it is really hot or dry.

De bronafbeelding bekijken

  • Place barbecues that do not have legs on a stone, against scorching the grass.
  • Dispose of the charcoal cold only THE NEXT DAY in the central fire pit.
  • We do not have a BBQ to borrow.




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