Flat cycling

Camping Les Murets is located on the cycle path of the RAVeL de l’Ourthe. You can cycle flat, along the Ourthe, both northwards to Liège (17km) and southwards to Durbuy (45km). You can cycle flat from Maastricht (45km), along the Meuse, to the campsite, via the Ourthe. The campsite is located between node 22 & 23 of the node network of the province of Liège which is based, among others, on the RAVeL.

RAVeL routes are mostly flat cycle paths where for the most part no cars pass. RAVeL is short for ‘Réseau Autonome de Voies Lentes’, ‘autonomous network for slow traffic’. They are the old towpaths along rivers or disused railway lines. If you deviate from this cycle path, you will soon be climbing in the region, such as to the panoramic view of ‘la Roche aux Faucons’ (224m altitude) 4km from campsite Les Murets. This climb is known as the final slope of the cycling classic Liège-Bastogne-Liège.



Network node system in the province of Liège
The pleasant and safe network is suitable for putting together tailor-made cycling trips for families, sports enthusiasts or recreational cyclists.

  • Plan your node routes online and go exploring! The campsite is located between node 22 (Hony station) & 23 (Porte de Hony du Grand Site de la Boucle de l’Ourthe)
  • Here is the map Ourthe-Vèsdre-Amblève whose node route passes our campsite! Nodes 22 & 23 are next to the campsite.
  • Cycle right through the beautiful Ourthe valley. Our campsite is just in the middle of the route, in Hony, between nodes 22 and 23. From Liège-Guillemins station to Camping Les Murets it is 17 km flat, along the Ourthe. At node 22, continue cycling to the campsite. Welcome! Rest, pizza and a beer earned!
  • Overview of cycle and mountain bike tours and walks in the region. Enter ‘Esneux’ under ‘municipality’.

It’s great cycling from the campsite terrace!

From this bridge, near the campsite, you cycle 5km flat to Esneux and further towards Comblain-au-Pont (16km), Hamoir (25km), Sy (31km) and Durbuy (45km) via the RAVeL and the nodes network. If you like, you can take the direct train back to Hony station, 350m from Les Murets campsite. In Esneux, enjoy a well-earned ice cream from ‘la Charlotte aux Fraises’.


Near the campsite you will find several mountain bike routes. (enter ‘Esneux’ at municipality)

You can also visit the mountain bike forest Parc du Mary in Esneux (4.7km).




Enduro mountain biking is becoming increasingly popular! You will also find brand new enduro routes near the campsite thanks to EndurOurthe. The trail centre is a marked Enduro mountain bike trail located in the municipalities of Esneux and Anthisnes.

Bike rental

  • The grocer Al Bètchète in our village of Hony rents out two bikes.
  • Among other places, the Liege-Guillemins station (16 min by train from Les Murets campsite) has bikes for rent for a few days. It is about 17 km of flat cycling to the campsite along the Ourthe from this station.
  • Electric bikes from Liège? Hire an e-bike from CycloLibre.
  • Mountain bikes can be hired from . These can be picked up about 12 minutes’ drive from the campsite. Through their website you can arrange everything for that.

You can cycle all the way from Maastricht, along the Meuse, to the campsite, via the Ourthe. So also with the rental bike. For hikers on foot or by bike, we have chairs to lend. Hikers & bikers on the road | Camping Les Murets

Cycling tours
Several times a year there are cycling tours near the campsite.

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liège: the cycling classic for the pros takes place on Sunday 21 April 2024. The steep road to Roche aux Faucons near the campsite is the last slope before the arrival in Liège. You too can ride your Liège-Bastogne-Liège on Saturday 20 April 2024, one day before the pros, and get a taste of this mythical race.
  • Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff for cycling tourists takes place on Saturday 1 June 2024 and offers a choice of 3 routes (168, 125, 90 km) for road bikes.




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