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In Hony (Esneux) – nearby at 600m is the bakery ‘Boulangerie Labasse‘. You can walk via the road (exit campsite to the right and keep right) but also along the Ourthe at the back of the campsite to the left you can walk there in about 7 min. Beautiful morning walk!

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday from 7.30 am. For a larger group, order the day before.
  • Order and deliver at the campsite (€3.50) on Saturdays and Sundays via Livraison | Bread And Breakfast | Liège
  • Is closed for 3 weeks during the summer months. Then you can go to the bakery in the next village Méry.

In Méry (Esneux)DIM Boulangerie at 2km (25 min walk, 10 min by bike, 3 min by car). Walking or cycling along the banks of the Ourthe is also great to this bakery! Cross the bridge in Méry and then turn right.

  • Open 7 days a week, all year round
  • Also filled baguettes

There are also bakeries in Tilff and Esneux – about 7 minutes by car or 20 to 25 minutes by bike on the cycle path along the Ourthe.

Pizza & Belgian beers on our idyllic terrace 

We bake pizzas, including vegetarian ones, every day between 6pm and 9pm. These cannot be reserved. You can take the pizza away or eat it on our terrace or in our brown café. Then you can enjoy Belgian beers, wine and soft drinks at the same time. And for dessert or to cool down in hot weather: an ice cream! Meanwhile, you can charge your mobile phone or tablet for free.

Water We do not sell mineral water in the bar. Tap water is very soft, tasty and more sustainable than (plastic) bottled water! Drinkable water comes from every tap in the sanitary area. On the grounds, there are four water points with drinkable water. You can buy sparkling water at the bar, though.

  • The bar is open from 10 a.m. in July and August
  • In high season, we close at 11.30pm (last round at 11pm). In low season, this varies but on Monday nights we close at 5pm.

Bio grocery shops

  • Al Bètchète in our village of Hony-Esneux. A little further down from the bakery in Hony, behind the pharmacy, is the bio-grocery where you can buy local and artisan products such as organic vegetables, cheeses and drinks. You can also buy pasta, rice, lentils,… in vrac there (bring a box!).
  • Le blé en herbe in Tilff-Esneux
  • Kilucru Primeur in Esneux
  • Ferme de la Grande Chevée in Esneux


  • Tilff (IntermarchéLidl) // Esneux (Delhaize) // at about 4km
  • within walking distance of TILFF station and ESNEUX station. Tip: take a nice walk there with an empty bag and travel back by train with a full bag (7 min from Tilff and 2 min from Esneux). Note that the train only goes once an hour during the week and once every two hours on weekends.
  • There are also smaller shops with groceries in Tilff and Esneux and along the transit road to Esneux.
  • Boncelles (6 km): Lidl, Colruyt, Aldi, Action, Brico (DIY), JBC (clothing),…

Night shops

  • Tilff-Esneux: avenue Laboulle
  • Esneux: rue du Monument 26

Evening market

The Friday evening market in avenue de la Station in Esneux (4-7pm) also has food stands.

Local products

Here you will find a list of local products and producers in Esneux. You will find a list of the local products of the region here.


In Tilff / Esneux… and afterwards enjoy a glass on our cosy terrace 😉 .

Only in bad weather do we open the café inside.




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