Hot shower, hot wash water, charging phone/laptop and wifi (around the canteen), toilet paper, soap on toilet, environmental charge, tourist tax and reservation costs are included in the price.

Total price per night: add up all the items you wish for

We are maintaining last season’s prices despite the investments made to renovate the campsite after the flooding in July 2021 and the rising electricity and gas prices. We just want to see everyone coming back to Les Murets campsite! 


  • Minimum price per person per night: we use a minimum price ppn of € 9,50 for persons from 4 years old, and € 5,- for persons under 4 years old, if the total is lower per person per night. So 2 persons with a bicycle on a pitch for example is then: 2 persons (each € 9,50) + tent (€ 3,50) + standard pitch (€ 6) = € 21,50 in the high season.
  • A cyclist or hiker alone pays € 12,- per night in the high season. Cyclists and walkers are guaranteed a place without reservation.

Discount in low season:
10% discount on the price for the period outside the high season periods mentioned below.

Discount cards
Key Card: -5% in high season; -15% in low season. We do not work with the ACSI discount card or other discount cards.


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