Peace & quiet for everyone

The common denominator of our guests is that they love peace and nature and like everything to be relaxed. At our campsite, it is still really quiet and you mainly hear the sounds of nature. People who come to party loud and late are out of place here. Those who keep it cosy, respect the peace and their neighbours are welcome.

Keep noise private, even during the day. For instance, we’d prefer you not play music on your pitch. If you do, keep it very quiet or use earphones.

Quiet after 10pm & complete silence at midnight

We ask everyone, including groups, to respect the quiet and relaxed character of the campsite. Your campsite neighbours and the neighbourhood will thank you.

We watch over the quiet character of the campsite and speak to campers who have lost sight of the quiet for a while. In our experience, 99% of our guests respectfully respond to our requests for peace and quiet. It is very rare that we ask campers to leave the campsite.

Wildkamperen in Europa: in deze landen zet jij vogelvrij je tentje op!

Make it silent and look to the stars, so you can hear the call of an owl or the hooting of hedgehogs.





  • The terrace and canteen close at 23.30 in the high season (last round at 23h). In the low season this varies.
  • Visitors who are not camping on the site are asked to leave the premises before 10 p.m. at the latest.
  • Thank you for not doing the dishes after 11 pm.

Know yourself…if you belong to a group that traditionally wants to chat loud and party late into the night, don’t come to our campsite. We wish you that pleasure at another campsite where it is customary.




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