Liège ~ Lüttich

  • For those who like a bit of southern temperament
  • For those who like to enjoy Liege meatballs…and a Liege waffle…and a Liege coffee 😉
  • For those who appreciate historical heritage as well as modern architecture
  • For those who love interesting museums and flea markets
  • For those who like to shop in cosy alleys and car-free shopping streets


The dynamic city of Liège has something for everyone! And in the evening, tired but satisfied, you return to that wonderfully peaceful campsite 🙂 !


Walking tip: start at Liège-Guillemins station at the bottom left of the map. Cross the river Meuse via the bridge to Parc de La Boverie. The next bridge takes you to Parc d’Avroy. From there you walk into the historic centre of Liège (coloured yellow on the map). To the north, you finish on the green slopes of the citadel with panoramic views over the city and the Stairs of “Montagne de Bueren”.


Tourist map and/or brochure




Camping Les Murets ↔ Liège

  • Les Murets is the campsite closest to the city of Liège.
  • By bicycle on a 17 km long RAVeL route along the Ourthe
  • 16 min by local train from HONY station (400 m from the campsite) to Liège-Guillemins station. One hour from Guillemins you are also in the heart of Brussels. Two stops further on is the exit for the city centre, Liège-St-Lambert.

Liege-Guillemins station, designed by the Spanish architect Calatrava. From there it is a 20-minute walk to the centre of Liège, along the river Maas. You pass the museum and park, La Boverie.

station Luik-Guillemins

After a delicious Liège waffle at ‘La Gaufrette Saperlipopette‘, a good climb up the ‘Montagne de Bueren’…with an incomparable view over the city and a fantastic piece of greenery to enjoy Liège.

… you can do it the other way around too 😉 ….

On Friday mornings there is the ‘brocante de Saint-Pholien’ in Liège, on the island of Outremeuse, Boulevard de la Constitution, until 1 pm. 

brocante Luik

Along the Meuse in Liège, there are cycle routes to the Les Murets campsite.


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