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Everyone on the site is aware of these regulations. You come to us for the peace and quiet. Those who keep it cosy and respect the rules are welcome. We watch over the peaceful nature of the campsite and speak to campers who have lost sight of tranquillity for a while. If you do not comply with the demand for peace and quiet, you will leave the campsite prematurely.


The reservation becomes effective only with the agreement of Les Murets campsite (by a reservation confirmation via e-mail) and after receipt of the deposit and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the online reservation.
Bookings shall only be binding on Les Murets if accepted by it. Les Murets is free to accept or refuse bookings depending on availability and, in general, in any circumstances that may prevent the booking from being carried out. Les Murets campsite offers camping pitches, in the traditional sense, and the pitches are specially designed for this purpose. Les Murets reserves the right to refuse any booking that is inconsistent with this principle or which attempts to circumvent it.
Booking a pitch is strictly personal. Under no circumstances may it be sublet or transferred without the prior consent of Les Murets campsite.
Les Murets reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite to groups or families whose number exceeds the capacity of the rented pitches.


All bookings of more than 6 people by the same person or by several persons who know each other and are travelling together for the same reasons, on the same dates and all staying at Les Murets campsite on the same reserved pitches will be considered as group bookings.
For all group bookings, please contact Les Murets campsite by email. The campsite reserves the right to examine your booking request before accepting or rejecting it.


  • The prices shown are valid for the 2024 season. They correspond to one night and are expressed in euros, including VAT. A night starts at 1pm on the day of arrival and ends at 1pm the following day.


  • For bookings made more than 14 days before the start of the holiday, a deposit/advance payment of 40% of the total amount must be paid, within 14 days of the booking date. The balance shall be paid no later than 14 days before the start date of the stay. If the client does not pay the balance to Les Murets Campsite at least 14 days before the start of the stay, Les Murets reserves the right to cancel the booking and re-let the pitch.
  • For bookings made less than 14 days before the start of the stay, the full amount (deposit of 40% + balance of the stay) must be paid at the time of the booking.


  1. Modification of reservation
  • The customer may request, in writing (by e-mail) to the campsite, a modification in the same camping site concerning his stay (dates, type of pitch), according to availability and possibilities. Postponement to the next season will not be accepted. In the absence of such a request, the client must adhere to the original booking conditions or cancel the holiday under the terms of their own cancellation insurance policy. Les Murets campsite does not provide cancellation insurance. This must be taken out elsewhere.
  • Any request to extend the length of stay will be dealt with on the basis of availability and at the current rates.
  • Any request to reduce the length of the stay shall be considered as a partial cancellation and shall be subject to the conditions relating to cancellation and early termination of the stay.

2. Cancellation caused by Les Murets campsite

In the event of cancellation by the Les Murets campsite, except in the case of force majeure, the sums paid for the booking shall be refunded in full. However, such cancellation shall not give rise to the payment of damages and interest.

3. Cancellation on the part of the camper

  • Cancellation up to 14 days before the start of the stay:
    The deposit of 40% of the amount of the stay will be retained by the campsite as a cancellation fee. The amounts paid, less the deposit, will be refunded.
  • Cancellation less than 14 (fourteen) days before your arrival:
    None of the sums paid will be refunded by the campsite.


  1. Arrival
    Arrival days may vary. Arrival is between 1pm to 9pm. All persons entering the premises must report to reception on arrival. Everyone on the site acknowledges that they are aware of these regulations. Any infringement may result in exclusion without any compensation or reimbursement.

2. During your stay

Responsibility & liability

  • It is the responsibility of the camper to take good care of his personal objects (bicycles, etc.). The campsite declines all responsibility for any incident involving the civil liability of the camper. We cannot be held responsible for damage to, or loss/theft of, personal or other property, and/or for bodily harm, incurred en route or during the rental period.
  • All customers must comply with the provisions of the house rules. The tenant is responsible for the proper handling of the rented property. Each tenant is responsible for the problems and damages caused by the persons staying with him or visiting him.

3. Departure

Pitches: on the day of departure indicated in the reservation, the pitch should be vacated before 1 pm. The pitch must be left in perfect condition. Any repairs will be charged for if they are necessary.
For any delayed departure you may be charged for an extra day at the price applicable for that night.


  • Campers shall observe public tranquillity, courtesy and morality. No one may expose themselves to criticism through their behaviour, attitude or utterances.
  • From 10pm: calm with respect for the (camping) neighbours. From 11 pm: only soft talking. At midnight: complete silence.
  • Also during the day keep sound private. Do not put on a radio or other sound device.
  • Visitors who are not camping on the site must leave the premises before 10 p.m. at the latest. Please do not wash up after 11 pm.
  • The barrier closes at 10 pm and opens again at 8 am. Traffic is not allowed between 10 pm and 8 am. Cars arriving in the meantime remain on the parking lot at the entrance. Driving out is only allowed in emergencies.
  • The parking lot at the main entrance can be used by campers to park their cars. Trailers, camping equipment and others may not be parked in these car parks.
  • The pitches and the surrounding area, as well as the installations for common use are to be used and kept tidy. In the event of any damage to the facilities of the campsite or in the event of an accident, the manager must be notified immediately. Any damage caused to the facilities and plants may be charged for.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drive nails into trees or damage them in any other way.
  • Residents are not to dig up or dig out the soil. Digging in pipes, cables, etc. is also not permitted. Should this nevertheless happen and underground pipes be damaged, the repair costs will be charged to the camper. Existing water, sewerage and electricity pipes may not be changed under any circumstances.


The sanitary facilities must be used only for their intended purpose.

  • DISHWASHING SINKS: only for washing dishes or clothes. Please leave the washing-up area clean and dry after use. Not for washing yourself. Please use water sparingly.
  • TOILET: besides a toilet, each room has a washbasin, mirror and electricity for a morning and evening toilet in privacy. Do not wash your dishes here.
    • Do not flush chemicals down the toilet. This has a major adverse effect on the septic tank.
    • o prevent clogging of the drain and septic tank, do not flush wet wipes, sanitary towels, tampons or panty liners down the toilet. Dispose of these in the waste bin.
    • Do not flush leftover grease and/or food into the toilet. Dispose of them in the waste container provided.
  • SINKS: only to wash oneself and not to do the dishes
  • CHEMICAL TOILET: for campervans/caravans
  • DISCHARGE WATER (caravans/campervans): a special area is reserved for the discharge of waste water. Under no circumstances may wastewater be discharged on the pitch.
  • SHOWERS: please use water sparingly. After use, the floor of the shower must always be pulled dry with the appropriate squeegee.
  • WATER TAP: for tapping water, not for washing the dishes. Do not use it to wash the dishes.


We have one two-pole socket for 6 amps electricity for each pitch. There is no power on the group and tent pitches. Please bring a long extension lead. If necessary, bring your own coupler. There is a power point for every four camping pitches. An electricity connection of 6 Ampere means that you can use 1380 Watt at the same time. You should not bring your electric kettle from home, an electric cooker, a fridge or electric kettle that are also in the kitchen at home or an electric BBQ, because they require too much power. Read here about the electricity at the campsite.


Debit and credit cards; Payconiq; cash.


Rubbish has its place in the designated rubbish bins. Illegal dumping will be fined.


Pets are allowed according to the conditions described on the website. The vaccination booklet of dogs and cats must be in order.


  • No vehicles are allowed to park on access and internal roads and the speed limit of 5 km/h is respected.
  • Campfires and barbecues are in accordance with the conditions on our website. Always make sure that some extinguishing equipment such as a bucket of water for small interventions is available.
  • Cooking and heating appliances are set up in such a way that they provide all the safety guarantees. They are located in a well-ventilated place and on a heat-resistant plate.
  • We follow the water level of the Ourthe and the weather forecast on a daily basis. If there is a risk of flooding, we will evacuate the campsite. You then follow the instructions of the campsite manager.


You authorise the campsite Les Murets and any person appointed by Les Murets to photograph, record or film you during your stay at the campsite Les Murets and to use these images, sound recordings, videos and recordings as they see fit by any means or medium whatsoever (in particular on Les Murets websites or web pages – including Facebook and Instagram -, in Les Murets presentation and promotional material and in travel or tourist guides). This consent applies to you and any other person in your company. This consent is given for the sole purpose of enabling Les Murets campsite to advertise and promote its activities and shall not in any way detract from your good name. This permission is granted free of charge, in any country and for a period of 5 years. If you do not wish to give this permission, you must make this clear on your arrival.


The information you provide us with at the time of your order will not be passed on to third parties. This information shall be regarded by Les Murets campsite as confidential and shall only be used by Les Murets campsite internal services for processing your order and to personalise communications and the range of services reserved for Les Murets campsite customers according to your interests.


Any complaint concerning non-compliance of the service with the contractual commitments must be made in writing, by post or email, to the manager of Les Murets campsite. In the event of a dispute, you may contact us by the following means: send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the manager of the Les Murets campsite.


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