Practical guidance

Good agreements make good friends

Barrier is closed at 10pm and opens at 8am in the morning. So between 10pm and 8am, there is no car traffic on the campsite to keep the peace. Coming back from a trip after 10pm? Park your car or van in the car park.

Power 6 amps – max 1380 W consumption at the same time. Don’t bring the kettle from home, an electric cooker, a fridge that are also in the kitchen at home or an electric BBQ because they require too much power. Read more here. Make sure you bring a safe, non-antique extension cord. Electricity is an option on every camping pitch. No electricity is provided on the hikers’ field. On the campsite, you cannot charge your car. Charging stations nearby: Car Wash (2.5km) – Avenue d’Esneux 170 – Tilff and in Boncelles (6km) – charging at Lidl while shopping.

Point the socket towards the ground so that no moisture can enter it. Protect with plastic against rain.

Look at the bottom of your appliances to check the power rating (W). Appliances that get hot consume more power. Are you using more than the 1380 watts? Then the power fuse may go out and you’ll be in the dark. Or without coffee, which is even worse ;-).


Cooling elements can be put in the guest freezer, near reception.

Washing machines: laundrette outside the supermarket Carrefour in Tilff (avenue des Ardennes, 8, Tilff) or (indoor) laundrette near the supermarket Lidl in Tilff (Avenue Laboulle 29, 4130 Esneux)

Payment methods can be done by debit and credit cards. Payconiq and cash can also be used. Cash withdrawal is not possible in Hony, but it is possible in Esneux (Avenue de la Station) and in Tilff (Avenue Laboulle).

Sanitary area: the toilets and showers are placed at height. You have to do stairs to reach them.

Limit your speed…especially parents with small children will thank you. No vehicles are allowed to park on access and interior roads. Vehicles are allowed on the recreational strip between the water sites and the footpath by the Ourthe.

Facilities for emptying waste water and toilet and filling the fresh water tank are available.

Hungry and thirsty? Camping gas: A.S. Adventure Liège (14km). Camping gear A.S. Adventure Liège & Decathlon. Pet shop Tom & co ; tools and DIY Brico and Action ; clothing eg JBC in Boncelles (6km). Fuel nearby.

Outdoor light – Our campsite is dark at night so bring a pocket light. At our place, you can enjoy a brilliant starry sky. There are lights around the reception and sanitary facilities.

Please note that an exterior light does not give a big glow upwards and only lights up around the door. The nicest thing for your camping neighbours is if that lamp is off at night and only comes on when you need to get out. If the lamp is too bright, we ask if you can dim it.

The festive lights make your pitch even cosier! We do ask you to turn them off when you go to sleep. Make sure you have a small light or pocket lamp at hand in case you need light at night.

Health – we wouldn’t wish it on our holidays but are you ill? Here you can go:


  • We monitor the water level of the Ourthe and the weather forecast on a daily basis. If there is a risk of flooding, we will evacuate the campsite. You then follow the instructions of the campsite manager.
  • Please respect if campfire is not allowed that day!

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